How to Buy and Sell with a 1031 Exchange

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How to Buy and Sell Investment Properties with a 1031 Tax Free Exchange

The broker of 5Market Realty goes over the details involved to buy or sell real estate with a 1031 Exchange in Athens, GA

Topics and Time Stamps

-What is a 1031 Tax Free Exchange- 5:13

-What are the Benefits of a 1031 Exchange- 7:08

-What Taxes You Pay in Real Estate- 9:03

-Understanding the Long Term Capital Gains Tax-10:59

-How Are You Taxed on Long Term Capital Gains- 12:01

-Rules of a 1031 Tax Free Exchange- 13:45

-Key Parts of the 1031 Tax Free Exchange- 14:25

-Contract Clauses for the 1031- 16:13

-The Biggest Rule of a 1031 Exchange- 20:18

-The Drop Swap 1031- 21:27

-1031 Tax Free Exchanges in Athens, GA- 25:28

-Different Types of the 1031 Exchange-29:09

-A Road Map for the 1031 Exchange- 32:30