Land Investment

Let Our Experts Guide Your Next Land Investment in Athens, GA

Land is fundamental to real estate, and as they say, “God’s not making any more of it.” Buying land for a home or commercial building sounds like a fairly straightforward process. Except in many ways it’s much more complex than buying land with a building already on it.

When you buy an existing building, many if not all of the issues relating to zoning, deed restrictions, ordinances, and other considerations are already taken into consideration.

Land buyers represented by inexperienced agents can end up with land they paid good money for to buy but ultimately cannot use how they intended. For example, to build a commercial building or subdivide the land into parcels that can be sold individually.

Factors to Consider When Buying Land

There are many factors to consider when buying land. Five good examples are listed here by our friends at US News and World Reports, a list that includes common issues like zoning and financing.

These are just some of the issues at play if you’re considering buying or selling land in Athens. The best thing you can do to ensure you’re making a good investment is to work with agents that have numerous land deals under their belt on both sides of the buy/sell transaction.

That level of experience and expertise is what sets 5Market apart, and we’d be proud to help you buy and/or sell land in beautiful Athens, GA!