Athens Real Estate Market Update 2020: The Year in Review

Here at 5Market Realty we provide monthly updates on our market trends and activity. In this video, our broker goes over the Athens home market for the entire year of 2020. Additionally, we break down home sales in 5 Points, Oconee County, Normaltown, and East Athens.

Video Details

Our broker goes over the home sale figures for Athens, GA and Oconee County over for the year 2020. Additionally, we break down the sub markets like 5 Points, Normaltown, East Athens, and Oconee County. The home sale figures are very strong.

Time Stamps

Athens Real Estate Update-00:23

Yearly Home Sales for Athens and Oconee County-00:40

Home Value Growth in Athens-01:36

5 Points and Normaltown Home Sales- 2:28

Oconee County Home Sales- 4:15

East Athens Homes Sales- 4:50

West Athens Homes Sales- 5:42

What to Know About Athens and Oconee County Real Estate- 6:58