Athens, GA Home Sales Update-December 2020

Here are 5Market Realty, we review the last 30 days of market activity for home sales and new listings in our real estate market. This year has shown an increase in home values for Athens and Oconee county. This video reviews the home sale figures for November 2020 and compares them with last year’s home sales in Athens and Oconee County

Video Details

Our broker goes over the home sale figures for Athens, GA and Oconee County in the month of November and over the course of 2020.

Time Stamps

Athens Real Estate Update-00:10

New Listings to Market in Novemner-00:45

Properties Under Contract in Athens-00:56

Average Sold and List Prices in Athens, GA- 1:00

What is Different this November in Athens Real Estate- 1:32

What Has happened in Athens Home Sales in 2020- 2:01

What to Know About Athens and Oconee County Real Estate- 3:40

What You Should Know About Interest Rates- 5:00