Student Housing Investments

We’ll Help You Invest for Success in the Athens Student Housing Market

When considering student housing, most people think of large apartment complexes or bigger buildings in multifamily property. While this is true for many properties, the prices to purchase reach far into the millions. Smaller investors typically look at investing in houses, condos, duplexes, and smaller buildings. Let’s review some key information about the Athens student housing market:

the Athens MArket

Athens, GA is home to the University of Georgia with over 35,000 students along with North Georgia College, Piedmont College, and Athens Technical College which all contribute to our student population. Athens also has vibrant music, art, and culinary scenes which bring more people into the community. For all these reasons and more, Athens has a consistent and often growing population of people needing to rent.

Investment Considerations

Location is always important when making a real estate purchase, but you often will pay more for properties nearest to desirable areas. You should consider your monthly costs and plans for the property. Ideally, you should find a property that has enough rent to service your debt and have a cash surplus each month. Investment goals are different for each person. It depends on your time frame, goals, and taxes. We can explain details to you in person or over the phone.

Investor-Friendly Neighborhoods

There are several good areas to purchase around campus. In the downtown area, investors love The Retreat, The Verandas, and The Lodge. In East Athens, people often look towards The Summit of Athens or The Woodlands of Athens to buy condos. Additionally, The Station on Milledge or the Retreat South all offer potentially profitable investment opportunities. Price, location, and amenities are the most important factors to renters.


Many investors would rather not manage their own properties. Finding and qualifying tenants, handling rent, dealing with repair issues adds up to significant work. Many investors choose to use professional management.

Sometimes the location of the property will impact who is best fit to manage the unit.  We work closely with many property managers throughout Athens. We often recommend Red and Black Rentals, Landmark Properties, CollegeTown Properties, and Greater Georgia Properties.

The team at 5MRealty has everything you need to make sure you’re finding the best opportunities and making the right decisions for your needs.